Saturday, November 3, 2007

HUMAN WEAPON: Kung Fu Episode

For those that haven't seen The History Channel show, HUMAN WEAPON, it goes around the world with hosts Jason Chambers – mixed-martial-artist and professional fighter – and Bill Duff – former professional football player and wrestler, showcasing how each individual location gave birth to its distinct form of combat and with a study of their form of martial art.
Jason Chambers and Bill Duff will put their bodies through training and challenges to prepare for a battle against a professional fighting master in the area's martial art.

The Kung Fu episode just aired featuring Wing Chun as well as other Chinese Martial Arts such as Shuai Jiao, Baji, Tong Bei, Ba Gua and Sanda. Wang Zhi Peng, a student of Li Heng-Chang from the Wong Shun Leung lineage, demonstrated Wing Chun on the Great Wall of China.

HUMAN WEAPON airs Friday's at 10pm/9c. For more info, go to

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