Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IP MAN Sequel Planned

Although the Ip Man movie has yet to hit the screens the trailers have sparked such a surge of interest that a sequel has been planned. While promoting the launch of the Ip Man soundtrack CD at a press conference, producer Raymond Wong announced the plan to shoot Ip Man 2 next year. The sequel will pick up Ip Man’s story after his migration to Hong Kong where he took on many students to further the art of Wing Chun - including Bruce Lee. Lee will be a major character in this film. Including Bruce Lee, there will be four or Yip Man;s students introduced. Wilson Yip is also said to have begun preparing for the role of Bruce Lee in IP MAN 2. They might have a worldwide casting call to find a suitable actor. It's also not determined whether Lynn Hung will return in the sequel since the story tells the Ip couple separated from each other.

Donnie Yen said that both he and Wilson Yip have a separate candidate in mind, and they're debating over whether to look for one with solid martial arts foundation or looks. "In terms of looks, Danny Chan bears the closest resemblance. But we won't necessarily approach him. Perhaps, we would consider one with similar background and demeanour."

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