Friday, January 31, 2014

Donnie Yen Confirmed to Return for Ip Man 3

Donnie Yen plans to make a return to his highly praised Ip Man role in the film series’ third chapter, which is estimated to start filming next year.

Last year, it was believed that Donnie withdrew from Ip Man 3  because producer Raymond Wong  intended to have his son, Edmond Wong, replace the original director, Wilson Yip. However, Pegasus Motion Pictures CEO John Chong said at a press conference in June that the film’s postponement was due to scheduling conflicts, not disparity between the cast and crew. He also dismissed hearsay that Donnie backed away because of disagreements over his salary.

According to Chong, Ip Man 3 was initially planned to be shot from June to September 2013. But, Donnie was occupied in other movie projects. Director Wilson Yip furthermore had additional work obligations throughout that time and therefore advised that Edmond Wong change from screenwriter to director. Edmond was occupied getting ready for his wedding, so filming was deferred until the year after.

The producers anticipate that Ip Man 3 can be filmed sometime next year and mentioned that the movie will definitely be released in 3D.


Wing Chun News Archive