Monday, July 28, 2014

Chu Shong Tin Dies

Our sources have sadly confirmed the passing of Chu Shong Tin at age 81.

Chu Shong Tin (Tsui Sheung Tin) was Yip Man's third Hong Kong student. He was known as the "King of Siu Nim Tao" for his dedication to the first set. He taught Wing Chun for over 60 years beginning his training under Yip Man at 17 years old.

His teachings of the hidden power of Siu Nim Tao, referred to as Nim Lik, continues to influence the art on a global scale across Wing Chun practitioners of many different lineages.

He will be missed in the Wing Chun world but his teachings will live on through his students across the world.

All honor to his name! 

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