Saturday, November 8, 2014

Wing Chun Challenge Unites WC Community Against Bullying

The Wing Chun Challenge dares Wing Chun practitioners around the world to update their Facebook cover photo with the Wing Chun Against Bullying banner!

Once a person accepts the challenge they then must issue the same challenge to 5 other people (often accomplished by tagging their friends on Facebook and/or messaging them).

When doing the challenge, please use the hashtags #wingchunchallenge, #wingchunagainstbullyingchallenge, and #wingchunagainstbullying.

About Wing Chun Against Bullying
Wing Chun Against Bullying unites Wing Chun practitioners against bullying of all shapes, sizes and ages. Whether its a schoolyard bully or a keyboard warrior with a superiority complex, we are making a stand against those who belittle others.

For more information, visit Wing Chun Against Bullying at

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