Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ip Man 3 May Be Last Action Film for Donnie Yen

At the Ip Man 3 press conference, Donnie Yen appeared much thinner than before. He explained that this was by request of director Wilson Yip who “felt that in this installment, Ip Man should look more meager.” Donnie also said that in order to prepare for the role, he put a lot of effort into studying Ip Man’s psychological state in his later years.

When asked if he will continue filming action movies until he becomes too old for them, Donnie replied that Ip Man 3 may be his last action film. “Right now, the most important question for me is not whether or not my body can handle it, but whether or not a movie has creativity,” he stated. “Thus, Ip Man 3 may indeed be my last action film.”

Donnie also shared that when he traveled to different countries, many fans simply called him “Ip Man” when they saw him, which he found extremely moving. “I became popular because of Ip Man,” he said. “So if I’m to leave, I hope it can be with Ip Man as well.”

Wing Chun News Archive